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Stellungnahme der AGTCM zum „Münsteraner Memorandum Heilpraktiker“

Hier lesen Sie die offizielle Stellungnahme des Vorstand der AGTCM zu dieser unsachlichen Veröffentlichung des „Münsteraner Kreises“. Hier können Sie mehr lesen


49. TCM Kongress Rothenburg, 08.-12. Mai 2018

Die renommiertesten TCM-ReferentInnen der Welt vermitteln integrative + klassische Konzepte der CM auf dem größten TCM-Kongress in der westlichen Hemisphäre. Mehr Infos unter

Mitglied werden

Mitglied werden

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Welcome at the AGTCM e.V.

The AGTCM is an interdisciplinary member organisation dedicated to the study and practice of Chinese medicine. Founded in 1954, the AGTCM is one of the two oldest organisations for TCM in Germany, boasting a membership of 1600 TCM members. The AGTCM e.V. is also affiliated with other major European and international TCM associations, often engaging them in cooperation.

Since 1993, a partnership agreement exists between Chengdu University of TCM and the AGTCM e.V. which enables study trips and clinic internships for students, as well as the exchange of TCM professors between China and Germany. These study trips are organized by the AGTCM e.V. and occur annually.

In Europe, the AGTCM e.V. enjoys a close affiliation with the ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association). Quality in Traditional Chinese Medicine is our first priority, above all in the preservation of TCM philosophy, practice, traditional values and in the furthering of TCM research. Our association advocates a philosophy of openness and respect when dealing with its members and collegues in all areas of Chinese medicine. Our members/therapists are located throughout Germany, as well as in many European countries.

With regard to structure, the AGTCM is a non-profit organisation, uniquely affiliated with six TCM schools located throughout Germany. These »Kooperationsschulen«, or cooperation schools, provide excellent educational programs for students of TCM. The curriculum is coordinated and determined by the AGTCM e.V., ensuring consistency and quality of educational content. The quality of the education is further monitored by the AGTCM´s Quality Control Commission, (QAW). Those who successfully complete their studies are then awarded a diploma from the AGTCM e.V.

Recently, the AGTCM and its affiliated schools negotiated an agreement with the Dresden International University (DIU). This agreement entitles students who have received an AGTCM diploma to apply their AGTCM credits towards further study in receiving a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Medicine at the DIU.

AGTCM members also have the opportunity to meet during our international »TCM Kongress Rothenburg« once a year. During this event, the yearly budget as well as organisational and other current issues are discussed. It is also at this event that new members of the Board of Directors are elected. A network of members at the national and international level work to guarantee regional and local members a steady flow of information regarding continuing education throughout the year. These groups, RV and QZ (working and quality control groups), meet regularly to exchange ideas and discuss challenges. Members may also obtain information via our website and newsletter.

Areas of TCM

It is also important to mention the areas of TCM in which the AGTCM is active.

These include: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, ear acupuncture, Chinese medicine for obstetrics, qi gong, tuina and dietetics. All of these areas are monitored by the AGTCM´s experienced therapists. Each expert may be contacted and is more than happy to discuss questions and problems related to his or her specific field of TCM.